Massive holders only raffle for property worth up to 100,000$ will take place after mint!
Substantial income generation for future holders payouts after the project capitalisation has scaled
Every month there will be a raffle for holders starting after mint out with good prizes like other NFTS, real-world assets, or simply crypto.
Holders will get perks from other projects (WL, private info , free mints ...) in RENO ecosystem, networking partnerships and more.
If any holder will decide to move to North Cyprus or open a business or invest here RENO will provide all the help required on demand.
RENO is a start of our ecosystem which will contain projects that provide benefits to one another. The ecosystem will expand with more projects from our team and other projects joining it after a thorough check process.
Token of RENO
• RENO community will have its own token that will be used inside the project, Ecosystem and Collaborations.

• NFT holders will be able to earn the Token by locking their NFTs and gain daily rewards, additionaly Holders will get an airdrop of the token.

• Token could be used to purchase a property from our portfolio, exchanged for other crypto once a token is on the market, purchase authentic goods from R.E.N.O such as merch and additional assets used in other Projects of the ecosystem.
What amount is substantial and will we only invest into property?
• Our main investment asset will be housing units and properties in North Cyprus.

• Additional capital will be allocated into other projects with the purpose of getting perks for
our holders such as WL, access to private info and to diversity in project investments.

• After scaling period of up to 7 years, RENO aims to provide an annual return on holders' initial
investment per each NFT for WL.

• However, this value is not fixed, therefore if required, holders can vote to have smaller
returns, but much faster.

• Holders will have regular votes on what amount is enough and when to start payouts
depending on the situation at the given moment in time.