Question : How to Mint? 
Click the mint button on the website above.
Question : How to get on the WL? 

Fill in the form here to request a WL spot.

You have to join all our socials before you can apply. 
Question : Is there a limit on WL mint? 
No. You can mint as many as you want. But keep in mind that you need to

be fast in order to make sure you get in before everything is minted out.
Question : What are WL and Public sale prices? 
500 $ and 600 $ respectively. 
Question : Will traits of my NFT, change perks I get from the project?
No, all holders are equal but some NFTs will be more rare than others and

their rarity is the only advantage in itself.
Question : Will Holders have a say in the project? 
Yes, there will always be voting on what holders would prefer us to do next

or who to collab with. This does not mean that responsibility for the

dicisions will be on holders as we will make the final decision taking into

account vote results, research and other important factors.
Question : When is the mint? 
Mint date is to be announced. 
If there is a question, please feel free to ask us in discord !