Real Estate NFT Official is here to provide NFTs related with real world assets.
We aim to scale our company and provide stable dividends to our holders.
The kind of NFT you will pass on to your kids.
R.E.N.O. is focused on investing in North-Cyprus real estate fast-growing market to create a cashflow, generate revenue and scale up capitalisation
Holders Returns
Before dividend payouts, the project will have to scale and that period can be determined and then decided by holders to start payouts or reinvest further!
Within 6-7 years, according to estimations the project will be able to generate 120% Return on Investment paying holders more than their initial investment within one year and generating further profit for them to enjoy.
Holder's Benefits
Shared Utility
Monthly Raffles
One property up to 100 000$
Token Airdrop
Live Events
We offer several types of events to entertain our holders and followers.
A giveaway campaign will take place before minting starts.
There will be only one Raffle for holders to win a property in North Cyprus worth up to $100,000.
Further monthly raffles with different prizes will take place for holders.
North Cyprus is a fast-growing developing market with increased demand due to the current world situation and lenient visa requirements of North Cyprus. A lot of construction is currently taking place with hundreds of projects under development. Unlike South Cyprus, North haven't yet reached its top potential, however, this gives us an amazing opportunity to purchase property before prices reach top height. Property average prices in North Cyprus have grown by 45% in the last two years, that is more than growth between 2015 and 2020 in five years. Within two months after the mint date properties will be purchased and already organised to generate cash flow from rents or held on to for future sale.